Johan Shultz Stone House - Stonybrook York Pennsylvania
John Shultz and his brother Martin built the first stone houses in York Co about 1734. This is John Shultz's house.
John's brother Hans Martin Shultz was founder & built the first Kreutz Creek Reformed Church
Both highly skilled at Carpentry & Stone Masons

During the American Revolution there was a Prisoner of War Camp located very close to this property
Here is a view of where it may have been
Gabriel Shultz Burgomeister of Genheim
married Anna Margaretta  (?) Shultz
Genheim, Alsace Germany

Johannes Leonard Heinrich Shultz  born 1707 died 1758  Immigrated in 1742, Loyal Judith
married Christina Horn in 1705 in Genheim died 1758 buried Kreutz Creek Church

JOHN SCHULTZ (2) 3rd son of Gabriel and Anna Margaretta Schultz according to the records of Kreutz Creek Church at the York County Historical Society, York, PA was born 6/10/1707 son of Gabriel and Anna Margaretta married Christina Horn 1728 in Genheim.  Christina Horn Schultz was born 11/1/1705 and died 7/13/1758 and was buried 7/15/1758 in the Reformed Churchyard at Kreutz Creek. He was the builder of one of the first stone houses in Hellam Township. His house is still well preserved.

ANNA MARIA SCHULTZ (3) who married George Michael Spangler son of Baltzer Spangler. (For further information see the Spangler Annals at the York County Historical Society and Deed D-409, Court House, York, PA).

JOHANN PETER SCHULTZ (3) was born 7/23/1763 and died 2/11/1813. He was Peter Shultz, the Wheelwright.
married Catherine Bahn of Hellam Township, born 8/26/1737 died 9/23/1909. Peter and Catherine are buried in Mt. Zion Lutheran Reformed Cemetery, Sprigetsbury Township, York Co., PA.
Their children:

GEORGE PHILLIP SHULTZ (4) was born 7/23/1763 and married Eva daughter of Michael Hengst. (Deeds 2T-152 Court House, York, PA

VALENTINE SHULTZ (4) born 7/24/1765 married Anna Catherine Heiger.

MARIA EVA SHULTZ (4) born 8/12/1769 married Jacob Spielman

JULIANNA SHULTZ (4) born 8/12/1769 married Phillip Miller

ELIZABETH SHULTZ (4) born 4/15/1773 married 1st John Heidelmach, 2nd John Shriver

CATHERINE SHULTZ (4) born 9/20/1774 married Jacob Schall

ANNA MARIA SHULTZ (4) born 9/20/1776 married Peter Sandow

JOHN PETER SHULTZ (4) born 9/14/1780 married 8/8/1809 Teressa Mayer

SABINA SHULTZ (4) born 12/31/1782 married Henry Reitzel (see Tombstone and Church Records YCHS and OCD K-8 Court House, York, PA).

JOHANN SCHULTZ, JR. (3) born 1738 married 6/20/1758 at Christ Lutheran Church, York, PA Catherine Holzbaum daughter of Conrad and Catherine Holtzbaum (Deeds C-233, D-409 and 2G-230). At first John Schultz kept a tavern in York, PA, he later moved to Baltimore, MD where he became President of the Baltimore Steamship Co. He fought in the Continental Army as a private in David Jamison’s Co., 8th Battalion, Lt. Colonel Henry Miller, Commanding, Penna. Volunteers 1776. (Penna. Arch., V-10 and Gibson’s History of York Co.).

John Shultz was Assistant Quarter-Master General of Baltimore 1812. He died in Baltimore 1820, and left 5 daughters, his 2 sons having died in infancy.

See Spangler genealogy:

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Johann Shultz House - York Co Pennsylvania - 2009
Kreutz Creek Church

I believe - Most of Early Schultz family buried here - even though none of the old stones are readable today

Shultz Family Genealogy
York Pennsylvania
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Here is the History of the Kreutz Creek Church - Many early  names are listed here.
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